We’ve tried to list here people who blog and write on or for Worship and that link to resources, either their own or others.  This list is far from comprehensive, and we would love to add more!

Worship and Music Blogs

Bruce Benedict- Cardiphonia

Zac Hicks

Bob Kauflin – WorshipMatters

Mike Cosper / Sojourn Community Church

Brian Moss- Prayer Book Project

Reggie Kidd

In no particular order, here are others who write or involved in the Neo-Hymn / Liturgy movement

Nathan Partain


Holly Dutton


Greg Scheer

Luke Morton

Rick Jensen

Luke Brodine

JG Hymns – United Kingdom

Bifrost Arts – all over the USA

Jim Watkins / The Church at Brook Hills – Birmingham, AL

Matt Henslee – Little Rock, AR

Visio Dei – Phoenix, AZ

Leah Goslen / Hillcrest Baptist Church – Richmond, CA

Karl Digerness / City Church – San Francisco, CA

Page CXVI – Boulder, CO

Blayne Chastain / St. Patrick Presbyterian Church – Greeley, CO

Wendell Kimbrough / The Church of the Advent – Washington, D. C.

Ascend the Hill – Tampa, FL

Perimeter Church – Atlanta, GA

Darby Hughes – Woodstock, GA

CityLife Church – Boston, MA

Sovereign Grace Music – Gaithersburg, MD

Reformed Praise / David L. Ward – Minnetonka, MN

Peter Assad / New City Church – Kansas City, MO

David Potter – St. Louis, MO

Christopher Miner – Jackson, MS

Michael Van Patter / Hope Chapel – Greensboro, NC

Evan Mazunik / Resurrection Presbyterian Church – Brooklyn, NY

Red Mountain Music / New York Hymns – New York, NY

Trinity Grace Church – New York, NY

Scott Womer / Terra Nova Church – Troy, NY

Matthew Henry Curl / Intown Church – Portland, OR

Matthew Monticchio – Lancaster, PA

Jason McGovern / The Describers – Philadelphia, PA

Gregory Wilbur – Franklin, TN

Jeremy Casella – Nashville, TN

Indelible Grace – Nashville, TN

Randall Goodgame / The Midtown Project – Nashville, TN

Matthew Smith – Nashville, TN

Sandra McCracken – Nashville, TN

Clint Wells – Nashville, TN

Aaron Senseman / Crosspoint Church – Bellaire, TX

Alex Mejias / High Street Hymns – Charlottesville, VA

Isaac Wardell – Charlottesville, VA

Ryan James / Coram Deo Church – Bremerton, WA

Rest Assured Hymns – Lakewood, WA

Mars Hill Church – Seattle, WA

Cross Point Church – Seattle, WA

Zadok Wartes / The Opiate Mass – Seattle, WA

Brian Oaks – Seattle, WA

Brian Moss – Seattle, WA

Arts and the Church Blogs

w. david o. taylor

David O. Taylor is an Anglican Pastor who miisters to and writes about artists.  Check out his series on songwriting

Makoto Fujimura

An artist and writer in New York City who writes quite a lot on artistry as a Christian

Jeffry Overstreet

Jeff is a music and movie critic as well as an acclaimed author himself, who writes and speaks about arts and the church in various venues.


A group blog discussing all things related to Arts and the Church

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