via rare sunshine: Transfiguration Sunday

Luke Brodine has put together a really nice post on Transfiguration Sunday – it’s one of those Sundays that, if you’re not paying attention to the calendar, sounds somehow out of place.

Luke’s post puts together some brief history and theology, and then includes some really solid examples of music and liturgy. Definitely worth the read:

Just as with observing Jesus’ Baptism at the start of Epiphany, it is important to ask how the Transfiguration is an important moment in Jesus’ life.  This is the penultimate revelation of Jesus’ divine nature that is celebrated in the liturgical calendar before the celebration of the Resurrection at Easter (the others being Christmas, Epiphany, and Baptism of our Lord).  It is also the fullest revelation of his pre-resurrection glory, the very same glory on display as the presently ascended Christ and that will be displayed when he returns.  To celebrate the Transfiguration is to worship Jesus in his full divine splendor.

Not to mention it also features some Sufjan Stevens’ lyrics.

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