via Called to Worship: The Drama of Worship

Phil over at Called to worship writes on something near to my heart: how to let the Gospel story (or if you want to sound more highbrow, the “Narrative of Redemption”), impact our Sunday morning worship. If you’re feeling frustrated at your Sunday routine, and not sure where to go, this is worth a read:

The Drama of Worship: 5 Ways to Improve Your Gospel Storytelling in Worship | Called to Worship.

For too many churches, we develop a liturgical formula that works for our community and staff culture and then we focus on creating the right parts (songs, prayers, readings, sermon, etc…) and don’t think about the whole often enough. You know the adage, “missing the forest for the tree.”

Why don’t we retell the story of the Gospel well in our worship services? It takes time, effort and creativity. It also requires us to learn from our more liturgically minded brothers and sisters.

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